Thursday, November 12, 2015

VW JETTA TDI Performance Upgrades

Volkswagen TDI Performance Upgrades are finally here! If you have been waiting with patience for that

opportunity to modify your 2009 TDI, your wait has ended.

True Volkswagen TDI fanatics have something to cheer about as new Performance

and Upgrade product releases are for this year's Volkswagen JETTA 2.0L TDI Sedan and

Wagon. After Volkswagen's decision to not manufacture 2007 and 2008 Volkswagen TDI'S, many

TDI fanatics have pounced on the opportunity to purchase a factory fresh 2009 TDI Jetta. With

no TDI automobiles coming from the Volkswagen set up line for any couple of years, producers of Volkswagen TDI upgrades

needed to turn their focus on other products. Now, however, using the recognition of Volkswagen's

new 2009 TDI Jetta's, upgrade and modification companies took note and therefore are again

giving vehicle proprietors the kinds of Performance items they crave - items that until only lately had

been restricted to older model Volkswagen TDI'S.

Performance Cold Air Intake Systems and Rapid Energy Module's, or "Chips" because they are

frequently known as, are two simplest, least costly, and many effective upgrades you are able to

make for your 2009 TDI Jetta. Diesel engines want cold air to breathe and correctly

atomized fuel to lose, as well as an upgraded intake and module can give your TDI the thing it

needs. If you are looking at making the most of the entire potential of the Volkswagen TDI, continue reading.

To provide your Turbo Diesel more cold air, a higher-quality choice originates from Advanced

Flow Engineering, or AFE Energy because they are generally known. AFE has lately

launched a Performance Air Intake System for that 2009 Jetta TDI 2.0L by having an

impressive listing of benefits and gratifaction data. The machine is 100% bolt-on, mounts to

the low airbox housing, with no drilling or cutting is needed. Following a simple 15-30

minute installation, you may expect ventilation to improve 56% over stock. Horsepower

gains average +10 at 3150 Revoltions per minute, and expect Torque to improve by 23 pounds. at 3050 Revoltions per minute.

The machine has a high quality, low restriction air conditioning filter in the selection of either

a Professional Dry S or perhaps a Professional 5R. Many people pick the Professional Dry S for simplicity of use with filter

cleaning as being a simple clean and air dry.

Performance modules improve TDI gas mileage and supply extra horsepower at

the same time frame by enhancing the efficiency from the vehicle fuel injection system.

Performance market manufacturer and TDI stalwart Bully Dog now marketplaces a "Rapid

Energy Performance Module" for that 2009 Volkswagen TDI Jetta which effectively enhances fuel

economy and horsepower. This module is a straightforward inline, between wiring harness, plug-in nick designed

for safe and lengthy lasting use. It's adjustable on-the-fly, permitting you to select between three energy

levels Stock, +10% and +15% horsepower using a simple toggle switch that may be left in

the engine bay or installed inside the interior from the vehicle for simple access. The entire horsepower

increase out of this module around the greatest setting based on Bully Dog's Dyno tests are +25HP

along with a torque increase of 30 foot-pounds. If you're able to keep the feet from the gas pedal you need to even

see some impressive gas mileage gains on the vehicle that already will get amazing mileage.

Mix the Performance Cold Air Intake System using the Rapid Energy Module and

you will see tremendous gains in horsepower, torque and economy possibly most

importantly, though, would be the elevated fun you will have driving your modified

2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI!

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