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Auto Body Shops Bumper Repair Vs Bumper Replacement

The modern automobiles are created with various sorts of fuel-saving materials like lightweight alloys and plastics. It's important to have an auto repair shop to understand the various techniques and materials employed for repairing them.

Auto body shops and collision repair services make reference to manuals for instructions repairing bumpers. The various material types require various finish materials, removal and installation methods.

Bumper Repairs

Whenever a plastic bumper is cracked or includes a small hole it may be fixed to appear like new. Changing the bumper is inefficient also it produces unnecessary debris for the landfills. A great, eco-friendly auto repair shop is only going to recommend changing the bumper when the damage is severe enough that repair time could be considered uncommon and excellence of results could be unsatisfactory.

The price of repairing small abrasions, cracks and holes in plastic bumpers is frequently less expensive than changing the part. Obviously, many collision repair specialists would prefer to switch the part and impose a fee for his or her labor plus mark-on the cost from the part simply because they don't have any cosmetic repair abilities which is simpler to warranty the job.

Dealing with Plastics

The initial step to repairing plastic bumpers would be to find out the material to be able to pick the approach to repair. Auto body shops use ISO codes around the parts to recognize the different groups of plastics. They mix-reference the codes with charts in the providers or by being able to access reference materials on the web.

It is crucial that the collision repair specialist determine the kind of plastic they're dealing with so that they be aware of proper welding procedure to make use of to prevent harm to the part.

Some plastics could be welded by having an airless welder or hot-air welder others need a hot glue kind of procedure. Tests should be carried out and welding methods need to be done properly to prevent adhesion failure. Some bumpers will melt having a slight color change and they'll remain tacky in the region where they've melted.

Adhesive Repairs

The bumper repair specialist must identify the kind of plastic they're dealing with to be able to be effective with adhesive repairs. Failure to correctly find out the plastic leads to adhesion-related problems.


Some repair materials derive from flexible and rigid plastics. While using wrong material may cause cracking once the part is flexed or it might not supply the correct strength for that repair area.

Cleaning and Prep

Proper cleaning and prep is crucial for correct adhesion and finished. If the specialist is repairing or changing the bumper, the part will have to be washed. The bumper being fixed will probably be dirty in the road the brand new alternative part might have contamination onto it in the manufacturing process.

Auto body repair professionals should make use of a low-VOC surface cleaner or perhaps a special plastics parts cleaner to assist prevent solvents from going too deep in to the plastic. If solvents are extremely harsh, they're going deep in to the plastic and cause adhesion problems after repairs are carried out.

It is really an summary of the entire process of dealing with plastics. Time is profit the car body industry therefore, many collision repair specialists decide to replace instead of repair plastic bumpers along with other parts.

Technology enables us to correct many products which are frequently changed. As assets become scarce and landfills become over-full, we actually should think about repairing instead of changing whenever possible.

Willie Fisher is the owner of Collision on Wheels, a mobile auto repair shop which come to your house or workplace to do cosmetic repairs in your vehicle. Collision on Wheels repairs sections and bumpers whenever you can to get rid of landfill/recycle needs. Find out more about why is Collision on Wheels an eco-friendly collision repair business at

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