Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Auto Body Spot Repair

This is actually the process learned from BASF, Most producers I am sure have slight modifications but they are pretty the same thing goes.

Heres the procedure. (allows assume a scratch on the fender)

1.clean your whole panel with cleaning soap and water

2.clean with wax & silicone remover

3.Polish the whole panel with extra-cut coarse compound.(cleans further and sands the panel for that blender to adhear to)

4.feather the scratch with 240-320. (prime if required)

5.refine thoughs scratches/finish your primer with 500.

6.use 3M trizact 3000 disc and sand around your 500 to the stage in which you figure you will be clearing to. Harder colours go bigger.

7.mask your entire fender & fix it having a waterbased cleaner.

8.tack. apply basecoat to simply before your 3000 scratches. take the next 2 jackets inward (reverse blend). you are able to come out in the event that simpler but keep the fresh paint within the 3000 scratches.

9.first coat of obvious over your base, second coat just beyond and don't forget to actually fan it.

10. make use of your blender (I personally use RM UBR200 that is ready to be used so don't mix with obvious). spray it around 20psi over your obvious overspray and merely a little beyond.bake with infrared ideally.

11. wet sand your obvious if required (grime,ext.) as well as your blender with 2000.

12. polish the whole panel using the coarse cutting cream then swirl remover.


1. ensure that it stays small

2. know your limits, if it is destined to be faster to complete the entire panel drop the idea of to mess it up in.

3. you should use an overreduced obvious being an orientation coat that will help you with difficult colours.

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