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Four Basic Principles Of Automotive Electronics Knowledge Of Car Repair Computer Board

Four fundamental concepts of automotive electronics understanding of vehicle repair computer board

Four fundamental concepts of vehicle electronics understanding of vehicle repair computer boardhttp://world wide

No schematics status to handle maintenance with an unfamiliar board, the so-known as "experience" it's cast, despite using the circuit maintenance tester increase the prospect of repair circuit boards, but when improper jobs are still less efficient. So, how you can do to be able to enhance the efficiency of maintenance? According to many years of maintenance experience of automotive electronics company, summarized the 4 fundamental concepts, as lengthy when you are systematic step-by-step operation, there has to be useful.

http://world wide / Office Electronics tools: digital (or analog) multimeter, magnifier

Mainly to determine when holding a circuit board to become fixed, good habits first should carry visual, if required, having a magnifier to determine what?

1 damaged? Whether you will find traces of burnt?

Discrete components for example resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors along with other disconnected phenomenon is available?

Circuit board PCB connector cable is damaged adhesions?

If anybody repair? Move which components? Is available Weld, weld, plug anti operator mistakes?

Determine the repair plate above situation, first having a multimeter to determine the resistance between your energy and ground from the circuit board, usually board of resistance within the 70-80, when the resistance is simply too small, merely a couple of or greater than a dozen ohms components breakdown or area of the breakdown, it's important to consider measures to discover the introduction to the constituents around the circuit board. The particular measures to correct plate powered hands to the touch the circuit board temperature from the device, will concentrate on hot suspect.

When the resistance is common, fault recognition having a multimeter. Triggered by circuit board failure factors in a great deal calculating board resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, FETs, rotary cam switches along with other discrete components, its purpose is to begin with to make sure that the constituents measured normal maintenance The key would be to can multimeter solve the issue, not allow it to be complicated.

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