Sunday, October 25, 2015

The video screen has to beautomated photographic modification function

Special automobile audio automobile navigation system. Card of CA3019G has got the lead solitary shi computer discmagnetic circular plate, the 7 inch high-definition 16:9 TFT contact video screen Vast screen. The recording screen needs to beautomated photo taking modification function, a widescreen sent problem more can foe cinema. Card of CA3019G can additionally be an exterior rearview searching glass mind online marketplace, supporting in the radar, comprehend the undo protection watchingfunction. Here to of remarkable note is, it and Toyota corolla automobile is entirely well-matched up using the computer discnavigation procedure wouldn't severe impairment your body. It USES 7 inch high-definition 16:9 TFT truecolor contact LCDvideo screen, additionally outfitted with distant manipulate, appropriate back burner commuter running system. The built-in vehicle computer disc, TV, broadcasting, 4 x50W energy amplifier, and it has the magnetic circular plate change invention,supporting up radar, the rearview searching glass, Audio-video input, exterior energy amplifier audio finish wares interface, etc. It may additionally be exterior rearview searching glass mind, supporting in the china manufacturer radar, comprehend the undo protection watching function.Card from the inter-city CA3019G shi tong navigation programs, the programs may be the present inherited the navigationdepiction understanding procedure like a comprehensive certainly one of navigation programs, it includes 31 provinces, autonomousterritories, cities immediately underneath the midpoint government written understanding, and most 1000 habitationthoroughfare depiction as well as in actual neighborhood administrative limitations and administrative towns to 360000. Inaugmentation, small discern of CA3019G positioning not aesthetically destroyed environs shi, plus the Gps navigation satellite exterior, still USES the gyro inertial guidance technical understanding, this will make in satellite indicator or no satellite indicator environs, for example Bridges, tunnels, vehicle space, etc. May also navigation. Good Gps navigation suggested Toyota corolla devoted Gps navigation system.

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