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Nissan VQ engine - Holiday Detector - X-Ray Flaw Detector

P series VQ20DE This DOHC 24-valve 2.0L (1995cc) V6 has bore and stroke size of 76mm and 73.3mm correspondingly, together with a compression ratio varying from 9.five to ten.:1. It creates 150PS (110kW 150hp) to 160PS (120kW 160hp) @6400rpm and 137 to 145ftlbf (186 to 197Nm) @4400rpm (lean burn). It's suited to the next automobiles: 19942003 Nissan Cefiro A32 and A33 19951999 Nissan QX A32 VQ23DE Nissan VQ23DE engine set up in a 2004 Nissan Teana J31 The VQ23DE is really a 2.3L (2349cc) engine outfitted with CVTC (Continuously Variable-valve Timing Control). Bore and stroke are 85mm and 69mm, having a compression ratio of 9.8:1. It creates 173PS (127kW 171hp) @6000rpm and 166ftlbf (225Nm) @4400rpm. It's suited to the next automobiles: 2003resent Nissan Teana 230JM-J31 2006resent Renault Samsung Motors SM7 170PS (130kW 170hp) (Neo VQ23) VQ25DE This engine is comparable to the VQ20DE, but includes a 2.5L (2495cc) displacement. Bore and stroke are 85mm and 73.3mm, having a compression ratio of 9.eight to ten.3:1. It creates 190PS (140kW 190hp) to 210PS (150kW 210hp) @6400rpm and 174 to 195ftlbf (236 to 264Nm) of torque. Later versions produce 186PS (137kW 183hp) @6000rpm and 171ftlbf (232Nm) @3200rpm. It's suited to the next automobiles: 19941998 Nissan Cefiro A32 20002003 Nissan Cefiro A33 19961999 Nissan Leopard FY33 19971999 Nissan Cedric Y33 2004resent Nissan Fuga 2004resent Nissan Elgrand E51 2008resent Nissan Teana J32 VQ25DET The VQ25DET is really a turbocharged 2.5L (2495cc) engine with CVTC. Bore and stroke are 85mm and 73.3mm, having a compression ratio of 8.5:1. It creates 280PS (210kW 280hp) @6400rpm and 300ftlbf (410Nm) @3200rpm. It's suited to the next automobiles: 20012004 Nissan Stagea 250tRS FOUR V and RX FOUR (M35) VQ30DE The Three.0L (2987cc) VQ30DE includes a bore and stroke of 93mm and 73.3mm correspondingly having a compression ratio of 10.:1. It creates 193PS (142kW 190hp) to 230PS (170kW 230hp) @ 6400rpm and 205 to 217ftlbf (278 to 294Nm) @4400rpm. The VQ30DE was around the Ward's ten best Engines list from 1995 through 2001. It's an aluminum open deck block design with microfinished internals along with a relatively lightweight. An enhanced form of the VQ30DE is famous through the designation VQ30DE-K. The K designation means japan word kaizen which means "improvement". The engine was utilized within the 20002001 Nissan Maxima and adds a real dual-runner intake manifold for much better high-finish performance in comparison with a earlier Japanese and Middle-East market versions of the engine. The VQ30DEK produces 226PS (166kW 223hp). The 19951999 US spec VQ30DE was outfitted with simply just one runner intake manifold. It's suited to the next automobiles: 19941998 Nissan Cefiro (A32), 220PS (160kW 220hp) and 206ftlbf (279Nm) 19951999 Nissan QX (A32) 19951999 Nissan Maxima (A32), 192PS (141kW 189hp) and 205ftlbf (278Nm) 19961999 Infiniti I30 (A32), 192PS (141kW 189hp) and 205ftlbf (278Nm) 20002001 Nissan Maxima (A33), 225PS (165kW 222hp) and 217ftlbf (294Nm) 230PS (170kW 230hp) for Anniversary Edition SE 20002001 Infiniti I30 (A33), 230PS (170kW 230hp) and 217ftlbf (294Nm) 19992003 Nissan Bassara U30, 223PS (164kW 220hp) and 206ftlbf (279Nm) 19982003 Nissan Presage U30, 223PS (164kW 220hp) and 206ftlbf (279Nm) VQ30DET The Three.0L (2987cc) VQ30DET is really a turbocharged form of the VQ30DE. Bore and stroke stay the same at 93mm and 73.3mm correspondingly, and contains a compression ratio of 9.:1. It creates 270PS (200kW 270hp) and 271ftlbf (367Nm). From 1998 let's start, it creates 280PS (210kW 280hp) @6000rpm and 285ftlbf (386Nm) @3600rpm. It's suited to the next automobiles: 19952004 Nissan Gloria Y33,Y34 19952004 Nissan Cedric Y33,Y34 19971999 Nissan Leopard Y33 2001resent Nissan Cima F50 VQ30DETT VQ30DETT The dual-turbo VQ30DETT is definitely an engine utilized in Nissan's cars, mainly within the Super GT (formerly the JGTC). First utilized on the Skyline GT-R cars throughout the 2003 season, this engine subsequently powered the Fairlady Z cars. Homologation rules permit them to make use of the VQ30DETT instead of the stock VQ35DE. Race creation of this engine is believed around 480PS (350kW 470hp). The VQ30DETT was changed in 2007 through the VK45DE to be used within the Super GT Fairlady Z's and latterly within the GT-R. It's suited to the next automobiles: 2003 Skyline GT-R JGTC cars 2004 Fairlady Z JGTC cars 20052006 Fairlady Z Super GT cars VQ35DE The VQ35DE engine set up in a 2007 Nissan Maxima Cylinder mind of VQ35DE The Three.5L (3498cc) VQ35DE can be used in lots of modern Nissan automobiles. Bore and stroke are 95.5mm and 81.4mm. It utilizes a similar block design towards the VQ30DE, but adds variable valve timing. It creates 231PS (170kW 228hp) to 302PS (222kW 298hp) of energy and 246 to 268ftlbf (334 to 363Nm) of torque. The VQ35DE is built-in Iwaki and Decherd, TN. It had been around the Ward's ten best Engines list from 2002 right through to 2007. It features forged steel hooking up rods, a microfinished one-piece cast crankshaft, and Nissan's nylon material intake manifold technology. It's low-friction molybdenum-covered pistons and also the intake is really a high-flow updated induction system. An altered form of the VQ35DE, known as the S1, is created by Nismo (Nissan's motorsports and gratifaction division) for that Fairlady Z S-Tune GT. It creates 300PS (220kW 300hp) at 7,200rpm, a greater rev-limit compared to the initial VQ35DE. The 350Z GT-S concept includes a VQ35DE outfitted having a switchable Novidem supercharger, creating around 382PS (281kW 377hp) using the supercharger started up. It's suited to the next automobiles: United States 20012004 Nissan Pathfinder (240hp) 20012004 Infiniti QX4 (240hp) 20022004 Infiniti I35 (255hp) 2002resent Nissan Altima (240 to 270hp) 2002resent Nissan Maxima (255 to 290hp) 20032006 Nissan 350Z (287 to 300hp) 20032004 Infiniti G35 (260 to 280hp) all purchases 20052006 Infiniti G35 (280hp) automatic transmission models 20052006 Infiniti G35 (298hp) stick shift models 20032008 Infiniti FX35 (275hp) 2003resent Nissan Murano (Z50) (245 to 265hp) 2004resent Nissan Mission (235hp) 20062008 Infiniti M35 (275hp) JDM along with other marketplaces 2000resent Nissan Elgrand 240PS (180kW 240hp) 2001resent Nissan Stagea 272PS (200kW 268hp) and above 2001resent Renault Vel Satis 241PS (177kW 238hp) 2002resent Nissan Skyline (V35) 272PS (200kW 268hp) and above 2003resent Nissan Teana/Cefiro (350JM-J31) 231PS (170kW 228hp) 2003resent Nissan Presage (231hp) 2003resent Renault Espace 241PS (177kW 238hp) 20042007 Nissan Fuga 350 GT 280PS (210kW 280hp) 2005resent Nismo Fairlady Z S-Tune GT 300PS (220kW 300hp) (VQ35DE S1 engine) 2006resent Renault Samsung Motors SM7 217PS (160kW 214hp) (Neo VQ35) 2008resent Renault Laguna Coup 241PS (177kW 238hp) VQ40DE The VQ40DE is really a 4.0L (3954cc) variant from the VQ35DE because of an extended stroke. Bore and stroke are 95.5 92.0mm. Enhancements include continuously variable valve timing, variable intake system, quiet timing chain, hollow and lighter camshafts and friction reduction (microfinished surfaces, moly covered pistons). It's Nissan's direct ignition system with platinum-expected spark plugs. It creates 268PS (197kW 264hp) to 273PS (201kW 269hp) @5600rpm and 284ftlbf (385Nm) @4000rpm. It's suited to the next automobiles: 2005resent Nissan Frontier 2005resent Nissan Xterra 2005resent Nissan Pathfinder (270hp @5600rpm 291ftlbf (395Nm) @4000rpm) 2009resent Suzuki Equator DD series It's a variant of P series engines with direct fuel injection (NEO-Di) and eVTC (digitally controlled continuously variable valve timing). VQ25DD VQ25DD The 2495cc engine has Bore and stroke of 85mm and 73.3mm correspondingly, having a compression ratio of 11 to 11.3:1. It creates 210PS (150kW 210hp) to 215PS (158kW 212hp) @6400rpm and 195 to 199ftlbf (264 to 270Nm) @4400rpm. It's suited to the next automobiles: 19992002 Nissan Cefiro A33, 210PS (150kW 210hp) (JDM) 19992004 Nissan Cedric/Nissan Gloria 20012006 Nissan Skyline V35, 210PS (150kW 210hp) 2001resent Nissan Stagea M35, 215PS (158kW 212hp) VQ30DD The 2987cc engine has Bore and stroke of 93mm and 73.3mm, having a compression ratio of 11.:1. It creates 230PS (170kW 230hp) to 260PS (190kW 260hp) @6400rpm and 217 to 239ftlbf (294 to 324Nm) @3600rpm. It's suited to the next automobiles: 19971999 Nissan Leopard Y33 230PS (170kW 230hp) and 217ftlbf (294Nm) 19992004 Nissan Cedric Y34 19992004 Nissan Gloria Y34 240PS (180kW 240hp) and 228ftlbf (309Nm) 20012004 Nissan Skyline V35 20012004 Nissan Stagea M35 260PS (190kW 260hp) and 239ftlbf (324Nm) HR series VQ25HR The Two.5L VQ25HR (for "High Revolution" or "High Response") is just offered on rear wheel drive automobiles. Bore and stroke are 85mm and 73.3mm, having a compression ratio of 10.3:1. It creates 223PS (164kW 220hp) to 225PS (165kW 222hp) @6,800rpm and 194ftlbf (263Nm) @4,800rpm. It's CVTC, microfinished camshafts along with a redline of seven,500rpm. It's suited to the next automobiles: 2006resent Nissan Skyline V36 250GT Sedan - 225PS (165kW 222hp) 2004resent Nissan Fuga Y50 250GT - 223PS (164kW 220hp) VQ35HR VQ35HR The VQ35HR update was initially observed in the united states within the 2007 G35 Sedan models, which first showed in August 2006. Nissan up-to-date the VQ line with the help of the three.5L VQ35HR (for "High Revolution" or "High Response"). It creates 315PS (232kW 311hp) (US market: 306PS (225kW 302hp) because of new US federal measurement rules) at 6,800rpm and 37kgm (363Nm 268ftlbf) at 4,800rpm, utilizing a compression ratio of 10.6:1. By 2009, the Infiniti EX35 produces 297hp and also the same torque most probably because of tight rules. It's NDIS (Nissan Direct Ignition System) and CVTC with hydraulic actuation around the intake cam and electromagnetic around the exhaust cam. Redline is 7,500rpm. Apparently over 80% from the internal components were remodeled or increased to deal with an elevated Revoltions per minute range sporting a high 7,500 revoltions per minute redline. A brand new dual-path intake (two air cleansers, throttle physiques, etc.) reduces intake tract restriction by 18 percent and new equal-length exhaust manifolds lead into exhaust pipes which are 25 % freer flowing for those around better gas flow. The brand new intake is stated to profit from the ram-air effect adding three horsepower at 60mph (not paid for for by SAE testing techniques). The electric actuated variable valve timing around the exhaust cams to broaden the torque curve is totally new within the "P" engine. The brand new engine block maintains exactly the same bore and stroke, however the hooking up rods were extended and also the block deck was elevated by 8.4mm to lessen piston side-loads. This modification, together with using bigger crank bearings with primary bearing caps strengthened with a rigid ladder-type primary cap girdle to permit the engine dependably rev to 7500 revoltions per minute. With a rise in compression ratio from 10.3:one to ten.6:1 these changes add 6 more horsepower (306 total + 3hp ram air effect not measured by SAE testing = 309hp). Peak torque expires 8 pound-ft in the old "P" engine (260 versus. 268) and also the torque curve is greater and flatter across the majority of the revoltions per minute range, and mainly in the lower revoltions per minute range. The VQ35HR suited to the next automobiles: 20072008 Infiniti G35 Sedan 2007resent Nissan Skyline V36 350GT Sedan 20072008 Nissan 350Z 2008resent Nissan Fuga 350 GT 2008resent Infiniti EX35 Crossover Vehicle 2009resent Infiniti FX35 Crossover Vehicle 2009resent Infiniti M35 VHR series It's a form of HR engine series with Nissan's VVEL (Variable Valve Event and Lift). VQ37VHR VQ37VHR It's the first production vehicle engine from Nissan using VVEL. We have an elevated compression ratio of 11.:1, with 3,696cc (225.5cuin) displacement (95.5mm bore and 86mm stroke), while redline remains at 7500rpm. It's ranked at 333PS (245kW 328hp) at 7,000rpm and 37.2kgm (365Nm 269ftlbf) at 5200rpm. Even though the engine gains only .2kgm (2Nm 1ftlbf) peak torque within the VQ35HR which greater torque gets to 5200 revoltions per minute versus. 4800 within the VQ35HR, the torque curve is enhanced and flattened via VVEL variable valve timing for much better throttle response. It's suited to the next automobiles: 2008resent Infiniti G37 2008resent Nissan Skyline V36 370GT Coupe 2009resent Infiniti FX37 2009resent Infiniti EX37 2009resent Nissan 370Z/Fairlady Z (332hp) 2009resent Nismo 370Z (350hp) 2010resent Infiniti M37 (330hp) See also Listing of Nissan engines Sources "Effective Pair: Nissan states new V6 engines increase energy, gas mileageInch. AutoWeek. Retrieved August 29 2006. vde Nissan Motor Company Automobiles Production Electricity-3 100NX 1200 210 310 180SX 200SX B10 B110 B-210 240SX 240Z 280ZX 300C 300ZX 350Z 370Z 510 810 Advan Almera Almera Tino Altima Altra(EV) Aprio Armada Atlas Avenir Auster Bassara Be-1 Bluebird Cabstar Caravan Cedric Cefiro Cherry Cima Civilian Clipper Crew Cube Datsun Truck Dualis Echo Elgrand Expert Fairlady Figaro Frontier Freeson Fuga Gazelle Gloria GT-R Hardbody Truck Hypermini Homy Laurel Leopard Lafesta Liberty Livina Geniss Maxima March Mistral Multi Murano Moco Navara Note NV200 NX Otti Paladin Pao Pathfinder Patrol Pintara Pino Platina Prairie Presage Presea Primera Leader Pulsar Pulsar GTI-R Qashqai Mission R390 GT1 R'nessa Rasheen Roadster-Road Star Rogue S-Cargo Safari Saurus Saurus Junior Sentra Serena Silvia Sileighty Skyline Skyline GT-R Stanza Stagea Sunny Teana Terrano Terrano II Tiida Titan Urvan Vanette Versa Purple Wingroad X-Trail Xterra Concept 126X 216X 270X AA-X Actic AD-2 AL-X Alpha Truck Amenio AP-X ARC-X AXY AZEAL Bevel Boga C-Note Chapeau Chappo Cocoon CQ-X Crossbow Signal-X Cypact Duad Dunehawk Effis ESV Evalia FEV Foria Forum Fusion GR-1 GT-R ideo Jikoo Judo Jura kino KYXX LEAF MID4 Mixim mm.e Moco Nails NEO-X NRV-II NX-21 Pivo Qazana Redigo Tranquility Sport Concept Terranaut Tone Trailrunner TRI-X URGE Ultra violet-X Yanya Zaroot Engines Straight-4 A BD C CA Compact disc CG CR D E FJ G GA H HR J KA L LD MA MR NA QD QG QR SD SR TD YD Z ZD Straight-6 FD H L LD P S20 RB RD SD TB TD V6 VE VG VQ VR V8 VH VK Y Tuners Autech Impul Nismo See also Datsun Infiniti (division) Prince Premium Factory UD Nissan Diesel VVL VVEL dCi Groups: Nissan enginesHidden groups: Articles requiring additional references from August 2007

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